Who We Are

Fearless Fitness was founded in August of 2015 by Jen Johnson, an ISSA Certified Elite Trainer with the goal of providing a laid back atmosphere compared to other gyms. Clients receive one-on-one support from their trainer with your progress entirely in mind. We accept cash, and credit. Credit transactions are powered by Square.

What We Do

Fearless Fitness specializes in providing a one on one plan for each and every client. Services include Personal Training, excerise & corrective therapy. Fearless Fitness also provides it's clients with Nutritional Guidelines. Eat Healthy, Be Healthy.

Who We Help

Fearless Fitness has no restriction or bias on age, sex, reglion, sexual preference, color or any other distinguishing feature or characteristic. Workout and routines are customized for each client based on needs. We specialize in working with injuries, chronic illnesses, and surgeries, among others.